Nic Boulis, owner

Nic Boulis started painting professionally right out of high school. At the time, his goal was simply to make some extra spending money. It wasn’t long before he realized that he had a talent and an interest in making professional painting his full-time career.

His opportunity came in 2006 when the painter he was working for moved out of town. Recognizing that there was a demand for painting services in the area, Nic made the decision to start his own business. From that moment on, Boulis Painting began building a reputation for exceptional customer service and quality work. Nic’s determination to become the best painting company in northwest Ohio has been the catalyst to building a successful business with services in Bowling Green, Perrysburg, Rossford and Waterville.


Boulis Painting



Typical Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm




P.O. Box 564
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402